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Bits For Blocks is a development company that offers solutions through the blockchain. We develop secure, scalable web and mobile apps for professionals who want to build their brands with us.

Blockchain has the potential to be revolutionary. Bits For Blocks can help you take it to the next level and liberate your business with our development of smart contracts in the most popular networks.

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Blockchain Consultation

We provide best blockchain solutions suit for any type of business as stragegy and management

Strategy Consultation Management Infrastructure

Web3 Development

We create solutions for companies that want to integrate web3 into their clients strategy

NFT Minting Pages Web3 integration Tokens Smart Contracts

Data Security

We have dedicated servers for web3 as well as for decentralized storage of multimedia files

Management Backup & Recovery Transfer IPFS Hosting & VPS

why choose us

Why choose us

Save time and money with our blockchain solutions. No matter what industry you're in, Bits For Blocks can help you streamline your supply chain to get products or services to the people who need them.

  • Earn more with NFTs
    We find solutions to monetize your products or services in a way not seen before through nft solutions
  • Top-notch Experts in blockchain
    We have been building solutions since 2013, conventional payment gateways or through blockchain, collections and/or NFT portals
  • Customer loyalty
    We create and retain a community around your product or service, communities are one of the most important parts in a web3 project

token studio


$ 0 / contract
$ 0 / contract
  • Deploy ERC20 Token
  • Fixed supply
  • Name, symbol and decimals
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$ 150 / contract
$ 150 / contract
  • All Free features
  • Verify on Etherscan
  • Access control with owner
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